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Powermax Technical Maintenance Training and Guidance Meeting was successfully held in Changshu

Date:2014-07-11 00:00:00 View:

As more wide use of integrative machine and multi-axis products of Powermax in the market, more training in terms of product technical repair, maintenance and the use are required. In order to allow users to better understand and skillfully use Powermax series of products. At the invitation of Changshu SDW Group and China Sewing Machinery Association, a "Powermax technical maintenance training and guidance special meeting will be held by the multi-purpose hall of SDW Sewing Center Company Limited. at 14:00 on July 4. There were more than 50 participators composed of technical personnel from major garment factories in Changshu, and they are also the most direct groups who use products of Powermax.

 At the meeting of technical training and guidance, Manager Xia of SDW Sewing Center Company Limited. started the meeting. He promised that there would be a technical maintenance training and guidance meeting that will be held monthly there, which will improve operational ability and awareness of sewn products of technical personnel from the garment factory. Then, Ying Huijun, a customer technical support engineer of Powermax made a detailed explanation of operating, use, maintenance, repair and so on of AH58, MT20 series of products, forming a lively on-site atmosphere and frequently interactive questions and answers. Practical exercises produced very good results. Master Ying combined with problems encountered in the actual operation to make detailed answers.    

The technical maintenance training and guidance will deepen the Changshu garment factory’s in-depth understanding of products of Powermax, improved the ability of workers to flexibly use the product. Meanwhile, we also collected valuable suggestions and comments given by the first-line technical operational personnel after comparison with other brands of similar products, and also proposed valuable reference views for the upgrading of subsequent products.