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Intelligent丨Powermax Integrated Service Lit Up Taiwan Exhibition

Date:2018-12-05 11:21:00 View:
      On October 16, 2018 Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show was grandly held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. As a supplier of whole series intelligent servo digital control system products and solutions, Powermax lit up the exhibition with high-end networked, intelligent products and smart factory solutions.
      Innovation has long been integrated into the genes and blood of Powermax. Facing a new future driven by intelligent manufacturing, Powermax continues to lead the industry innovation and interpret the value of intelligence. As a supplier of sewing machine servo digital control systems, Powermax provides information automation solutions directly for garment processing plants, thoroughly changing the production mode of garment industry. Powermax designs and remodels the production workshop for garment plants according to their production lines and capacity requirements, where the existing sewing machine is just required to change into Powermax servo digital control system and operation panel to achieve interconnection and interworking, making the whole workshop a smart factory.
     The smart factory applies the Internet, big data, and cloud technology to seamlessly connect the ERP/MES through the field intelligent terminal, so that the production and operation information of the entire factory can be quickly and timely transmitted to any work site or machine in the factory. Field intelligent terminal data acquisition, man-machine interaction and machine interconnection are used to timely feedback information to the data center to achieve instant circulation of factory internal information, keeping abreast of all situations of the entire factory anytime, anywhere and facilitating transparent management. Intelligent production management system is applied to achieve the lean production of workshop and intelligent manufacturing, improving production capacity of the factory, systematically implementing the automation of production process, systemization of business process and digitization of production information in stages and eventually realizing the interconnection, agility, flexibility and intelligence of each production workshop.
      Powermax is also dedicated to the research and continual upgrade of services like the research and development of products: community-based service model, online shopping service experience, normalized technical training and 100% quick service target. The electronic control after-sales service WeChat public account “Powermax Service Express” has accepted and serviced thousands of customers for consultation and repair since it went live, with the timely service rate reaching 100% and the service satisfaction 100%. Next, the staff of customer service center will also go to the production lines to serve the customer on site.
      The booth was very popular at the exhibition, and visitors showed great interest in the “Smart factory solution”. Deeply convinced and impressed by the professional, comprehensive and powerful functions, they all expressed their intension of further cooperation.
      Dear friends, what are you waiting for? Hurry up, come to Powermax N727a Booth and experience the charm of smart factory.
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