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Powermax Shined at Dongguan Exhibition

Date:2018-12-03 10:26:00 View:
      From March 27 to 30, Powermax made its stunning appearance at the South China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show (SCISMA). As the first domestic supplier and top provider of full series intelligent servo digital control system products and solutions, Powermax lit up the show with personalized booth design and high-end star products.
      In the exhibition this year, Powermax booth was located in Houjie, Dongguan - CG08, Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center. Powermax booth was divided into four exhibition areas: the lockstitch, overlock and interlock digital control system area, the thick material sewing machine digital control system area, the button holing, bartacking, pattern template digital control system area and the intelligent exhibition area - cloud management platform, including new products: stepper motor back-tacking integrated digital control system, stepper motor feed roller digital control system and template machine digital control system, which gained extensive attention for their intelligence, high efficiency, energy saving and strong adaptability. "Smart factory solution" - cloud management platform independently by Powermax provides services for the development of apparel industry by the application of the Internet technology, big data cloud server and efficient remote digital control system management. Through the cloud management platform, interconnection, interworking and intelligent management of sewing machinery and equipment are realized to build a smart factory. The operation status of equipment can be monitored with real-time push of equipment abnormal events to  reduce unscheduled downtime; processes and production lines are analyzed and compared to identify the bottlenecks that affect production efficiency; real-time understanding of production progress, controlling the reasonable time window for lead time, new order plans and raw material procurement; mastering all situations of the whole factory anytime, anywhere for transparent management; real-time control of production quality too reduce material waste.
      At the exhibition site, leaders of the director units of China Sewing Machinery Association (CSMA) came to visit. Many well-known whole-machine companies from home and abroad came to observe and negotiate, and they all expressed their intention of cooperation. During the exhibition, not only did the products of Powermax attract great attention, but the professional level and warm service attitude of Powermax family also received unanimous praise.
      With "Powermax Service Express" going live, "Cloud Management Platform" was also delivered and put into use in apparel factories. Nowadays, Powermax has taken the lead, in both the products and services, on the way of "Intelligent sewing". In the future, Powermax will continue to create high quality products with great craftsmanship and provide better services with professional attitude.