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Warm Congratulations on the Success of Powermax and Weibo Electronic Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony and New Product Release Conference

Date:2018-12-02 10:00:00 View:

      September 26, 2017 can be described as double blessing for Powermax: On the first day of CISMA Exhibition, Powermax attracted a number of well-known domestic and foreign overall-unit enterprises to consult and negotiate attributing to its strong brand image and high-end intelligent technology products. Another exciting event is that the strategic cooperation of Shanghai Powermax Technology, Inc. and Mianyang Weibo Electronic Co., Ltd. officially kicked off today. This is a remarkable milestone and will open a new chapter in the sewing machinery industry.
      On September 26 at 15:30, the strategic cooperation signing ceremony officially began. Ms. He Ye, President, Mr. Yang Xiaojing, Vice President and Mr. Chen Ji, Secretary-General of China Sewing Machinery Association, Mr. Zhu Hong, Deputy Director of China Ordnance Equipment Group Automation Institute, Mr. Zhang Wanhong, Secretary of Board of Directors of Routon Electronic Co., Ltd., Mr. Qin Cangfa, President of Shanghai Powermax Technology, Inc. and Mr. Li Dong, General Manager of Mianyang Weibo Electronic Co., Ltd. attended the signing ceremony. President He Ye fully recognized the fruitful results and amazing performance achieved by Powermax and Weibo Electronic in recent years in her address. She pointed out that as the "Pioneer industrial enterprise" in the electronic control field of the sewing machinery industry; Powermax is an outstanding supplier for full range of sewing equipment series digital control products globally. Weibo Electronic is a state-level military and civilian integration enterprise, with strong R & D and production strength, driving the transformation and upgrading of the sewing machinery industry from low-end to high-end products. The strategic cooperation of the two parties this time is win-win cooperation in the sewing machinery industry. It is expected that both parties can complement each other in strengths in the future with sincere cooperation, to jointly promote the development of sewing machinery industry. Mr. Zhu Hong said in his speech that China Ordnance Equipment Group Automation Institute and Routon Electronic Co., Ltd. will provide the most powerful support for the future cooperation between the two parties, and hope that Powermax and Weibo Electronic can adhere to be market-oriented and fully leverage the advantages in technology, industry and platform, to achieve industrial upgrading in the sewing equipment intelligent manufacturing. Mr. Qin Cangfa, President of Shanghai Powermax Technology, Inc. extended a speech on behalf of both parties. He stated that the strategic cooperation between Powermax and Weibo Electronic this time is comprehensive, in-depth and wide range cooperation, and is win-win cooperation of the two parties in the development strategy, core technology, market resources and other aspects. With Powermax' brand and technical edge and Weibo Electronic' s abundant strength in the military and civilian integration industry as the inherent advantages, both parties will definitely grasp the historical opportunity to enhance the overall level of domestic sewing equipment intelligent manufacturing industry. After the leader speech, at the witness of all the leaders, Mr. Qin Cangfa, President of Shanghai Powermax Technology, Inc. and Mr. Li Dong, General Manager of Mianyang Weibo Electronic Co., Ltd. signed the strategic cooperation agreement. Powermax and Weibo Electronic officially became strategic partners, marking a new chapter in the electronic control field of the sewing machinery industry. Subsequently, Mr. He Siqiao, Deputy Director of Mianyang Weibo Electronic Co., Ltd., Mr. Liu Zhifei, Vice President of Shanghai Powermax Technology, Inc. and Director of R & D Center demonstrated the enterprise style respectively and the new products jointly developed by both companies.
      At the same time of technical innovation, Powermax also sets off a new revolution in global after-sales service. Powermax applies new technology, develops and establishes service APP. Through APP repair order, Powermax conducts online tracking of the service progress to supervise the service quality and fulfill its commitment to the customers. At the same time, Powermax also assigns dedicated personnel to be responsible for the management of technical service centers, offer technical support, training and maintenance services to the public, and provide material support; with total solution output for the technical service centers, to create a service system with unified standard and fast response. Powermax will walk in the forefront of service and achieve the establishment of 1,000 technical service centers in three years, training 1,000 qualified maintenance personnel, and realizing rapid and timely response to customer needs.
      After the strategic cooperation signing ceremony, Powermax authorized 10 foreign technology centers and 20 domestic technology centers on site, bringing the coverage of foreign technology centers to more than 10 countries and more than 200 domestic technology centers.
      In this CISMA Exhibition, Powermax booth is located in E4-A02, Shanghai New International Expo Center, covering an area of 400 m2 and a total of 36 exhibit products, including 7 fully intelligent automation new products: ASE60L integrated motor-driven feed control system, ASF70L integrated motor-driven synchronous feed control system, ASD70R direct drive control system with motor-driven wheel and needle feed, MT31 integrated digital control system for bar-tacking and button sewing machine, MX80 industrial embroidery machine digital control system, MM33/MM34 control system for template sewing machine, MJ10 household sewing embroidery all-in-one machine digital control system. On the exhibition site, leaders of China Sewing Machinery Association and Shanghai Sewing Machinery Association came to visit, and many well-known overall-unit enterprises at home and abroad came to observe and negotiate, expressing their intention of cooperation. During the exhibition, not only Powermax products attracted great attention, but Powermax family also received unanimous praise with its professional technical level and warm service attitude.
      Finally, warm congratulations were given to the success of Powermax and Weibo Electronic Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony at this exciting moment.