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Shanghai Sewing Machinery Industry Association visited our Company

Date:2014-05-22 00:00:00 View:

On May 16, Shanghai Sewing Machinery Industry Association visited our Company under the leadership of Secretary-General Hu Miaohai, which was the first time to welcome leaders from Shanghai Sewing Machinery Association to visit our Company after Powermax was relocated. Liu Limin, Marketing Director led Secretary-General Hu Miaohai warmly to visit the office layout and decoration style of Powermax and introduced the current status and future research and development and sales goals and performance of Powermax in detail. Secretary-General Hu Miaohai praised Powermax greatly, and very sincerely granted Powermax the comment of “new products, new scale and new development.”

Eight sewing equipment companies coming to Shanghai Sewing Machinery Association in the afternoon gathered to discuss the symposium on relevant matters of Program of Shanghai Light Industry Innovative Design, Product Result Exhibition. The exhibition refined precautions in the exhibition and appropriate task of every enterprise, and emphasized that we must come up with sewing equipment products manufactured by using domestically innovative technology to highlight the leading local scientific research and technology. Vice President Hu Miaohai took this meeting opportunity to make a special presentation of Powermax, and Liu Zhifei, R& D Director played the corporate development PPT and made a detailed introduction of the present and future development of PMX, allowing a lot of enterprises in Shanghai sewing machinery industry to restart the understanding of Powermax. In the mid-term of the meeting, eight companies visited the laboratory of Powermax research & development center, and the research & development personnel demonstrated some special features of the latest products on site. The most striking closed-loop step control technology of Powermax pattern sewing machine digital control system has been praised by enterprises.

After the meeting, Secretary-General Hu Miaohai thanked Powermax very much for warm hospitality at the meeting, and was optimistic about the future development of Powermax.