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Teacher Deng Fuchai from LRQ A provides external audit guidance

Date:2014-05-20 00:00:00 View:

It was time for external audit in this year! Teacher Deng Fuchai met us again. This audit was scheduled on May 19, 2014 as planned. This audit is to oversee the audit and to audit the certificate renewal planning by following the audit criteria-ISO9001: 2008. The audit lasting one day was performed by an auditor. The purpose of this audit is to re-evaluate the implementation of the management system based on the results of the certificate renewal planning. We re-confirmed compliance with the certification requirements, such as audit criteria and the scope of certification, any applicable laws, regulations and contractual requirements, as well as set objectives to ensure that the system can achieve its. We solved all problems have not yet closed in previous audits and any change in the client organization or system that may have an impact on the certification. The first and last meeting was hold in accordance with the plans in this audit. At the first meeting, Teacher Deng Fuchai introduced the audit criteria and scope, Lloyd's audit characteristics, BA, audit finding grading, reporting methods, auditing methods, confidentiality commitments, safety precautions and so on in detail. Through communications with the top management after the first meeting, the President of the Company hoped that LRQA can help the Company identify gaps existed, so that LRQA can help the Company improve quality performance, understand main risks exposed to the Company, changes since the last audit, planning and implementation of corrective actions, future idea of continuous improvement, etc. In addition, through communications with the top management, we confirmed the purpose and audit program, audit themes of this audit, and actively seek opportunities for improvement. Teacher Deng Fuchai then focused on auditing Multiaxial Product Department and Operating Department of the R & D center according to the plan, and we held the last meeting on time in the afternoon, and communicated audit findings, audit conclusions, nonconformity tracking requirements, next audit arrangements, etc. Mr. Qin Cangfa, President of Shanghai Powermax Technology, Inc., Zhu Lanbin, Management Representative, Director of President Office, Wangye, Manager of Financial Department, Liu Zhifei, R & D Director, Liu Limin, Marketing Director, Zeng Hairong, Manager of General Department, Xu Biguo, Manager of Operating Department, Zhourong, Manager of Customer Service Department and so on participated in the first and last meeting.

Evaluation results in this audit:

1. The Company's quality management system has been basically implemented and maintained; quality management system documents have also been modified basically in line with the actual situation of the unit;

2. The Company's operating performance in 2013 has been greatly improved compared with that in 2012. Currently, the Company is to strengthen the promotion of high-end (multi-axis) products, and also specifically establish Multi-axis R & D Department for the promotion;

3. Through retrospecting three years of performance of quality management system, we found that the Company's quality management system operated more smoothly, without any major customer complaint, and that audit findings of internal audit, external audit were more stable;

4. In order to improve the Company's operating performance, the Company has adjusted its organizational structure, recruited some new employees, and the Company has also planned some improvement approaches for changes in the organizational structure and human resources;  

5. Relevant qualification certificates used in the operating process of the Company were regularly updated, and relevant certificates in the coverage of the current quality management system have been obtained and fall within the period of validity. The Company's products meet regulatory requirements.

6. The certification renewal audit in the next cycle can be proceeded to according to plan, and the time was scheduled to last five days through consultations with the organization by the auditor, which see the next audit program.