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The Tug-of-War - A Battle between 2 Sides’ Team Strength

Date:2014-05-18 00:00:00 View:

For bonding team members and developing team cooperation spirit within our company, a tug-of-war was held in front of our new building. All the employees present were equally divided into 6 teams in proportion of the existing number and the height extent that day. All the attendants put on white gloves and kept a formation through arranging these women behind the strong men. Then the fierce competition kicked off along with the command of referee. All the persons tried with all their might to drag the rope towards to their own side, meanwhile, their colleagues standing on both sides cheered up their favourite team. Of course, the most loaded competitor is the one in the first row each team. The person is a core of one whole team. Not only the whole coordination ability but also the whole endurance and unity strength have been put to the test. Here are a few summaries after several competitions: It’s not the team with more sturdy persons who will win 100%. In the contrary, the other team which is not put a bet on is awesome out of expectation. From their strategy, getting victory in a tug of war is lies in not simple brute strength but team connivance and effort.

Some Guys frayed their soles due to excessive forces within the competition. So they had to come back home as usually, carrying their soles to come off “blah blah blah….”. For those females, they rarely do such activities. Though, they tasted what’s called super power this time. All the female attendants cried for powerless hands and painful arms when it ended up. It appears you weak body demands more exercises after that. It told the truth that a healthy and strong body is a kind labor capital.

It doesn’t lie in which side will win in the competition but lies in getting yourself into group activities actively for strengthening group cohesiveness and enjoying yourself in your spare time.