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Zhengzhou Office of Powermax was established

Date:2014-04-25 00:00:00 View:

In order to better satisfy sewing machine users’ demand for digital control products in the big development environment of mid western regions, to help users better use digital control technology to improve the digital control and intellectualization of a complete set of sewing machine. Shanghai Powermax Technology, Inc. formally established Zhengzhou Office in May 2014.

Jiangsu, Zhejiang (Hangzhou, Taizhou), Shanghai, Hubei, Hebei, Fujian and Guangdong Office was established followed by the establishment of Zhengzhou Office. The ninth company established by Powermax is directly under the domestic service center, and users in Henan Province can not only enjoy advanced technology concepts and products brought by Powermax as soon as possible, and will obtain high efficiency and high quality after-sales services by replying on strong technical support and service system of Powermax.

Since 2011, Powermax has made much adjustments and breakthroughs in terms of user service concept, service network, service content and service management, and the establishment of Zhengzhou Office as a part of the adjustment, improves Powermax’s service network achieving national coverage, which has expanded a new platform for the promotion of sewing equipment mechatronics integration, intellectualization and digital technology. Mr. Qin Cangfa, President of Shanghai Powermax Technology, Inc. is optimistic about the establishment of Zhengzhou Office, he said: "The Midwest is the most promising place for the development of China sewing machinery industry, however Henan Province as the center in central China region, plays a vital role. With the further development of mid-western regions, greater opportunities and challenges will be offered for the development of sewing machinery industry. Powermax will seize opportunities, meet challenges to wholeheartedly provide more enterprises and users with most advanced products and technologies, high-quality after-sales services. "